Meeting Rooms: A Great Place to Start

Meeting rooms host many workplace events, from important business announcements to celebrations and even crucial business negotiations. These rooms can set the tone for your business culture as well as make a positive first impression on potential clients. Symspire knows how to seamlessly integrate all the technology you need in a meeting room.

According to a recent study from Futureforce Consulting, 20% of the companies surveyed said they plan to add additional meeting spaces. Employees have also noticed a 50% increase in their own use of meetings rooms for collaboration and communication. The increase in usage means that these rooms also need to increase in efficiency. No one has time to sit in a meeting room waiting for a call to connect to the audio system or for the screen to come down from the ceiling.

This rise in use may be surprising considering the increase in employees working from home or various locations, but this is also why the tech in these rooms is increasingly more complex. Today’s meeting spaces must be equipped with the audio and video equipment to allow remote participation.

But who has time to figure out what the best options in equipment are for your space? And how do you get all these systems to work together under pressure? When you let Symspire set up your meeting rooms, you have an expert in your corner who knows how to find the best solutions for your space. We can help you make a great first impression when you let us help you with all the details.

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